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What’s a WordPress Business Website?


A little information about WordPress, the only website platform (CMS) we build and search optimize on.

  • WordPress Powers 23% of the internets websites
  • WordPress is the #1 CMS (Content Management System) in the World
  • Many of the top businesses and brands in the world use WordPress to power their blog or website
  • Best Buy, Sony Music, Forbes, MTV, and Harvard Business Review use WordPress
  • Toyota Brazil and Renault are good examples large corporate websites powered by WordPress
  • Looking for San Diego WordPress website design? We can help with any US based business web needs

What? Think of WordPress as a first class pre-made foundation for a home and you get to customize the color and everything inside. The advantage of using WordPress is the power of the community programmers that update and support the open source software. Your website is up faster, and this allows you to focus on the content and look of it. Best part, WordPress is a FREE open source software, and you just add a Free or Paid Theme (recommended).

With WordPress, updating your website similar to typing a word document and adding media to that. But in this case the word document is your website and the interface is based on the web. All of the software needed to change a picture, add text, update prices, lives on the web. Clients love logging into the admin area and updating little things with a few clicks instead of waiting on someone else.

The core WordPress software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and with thousands of plugins and themes available to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call “home” — we’d love you to join the family.

What’s Our Part in this Process?

Next Channel Media Builds WordPress Websites and Consults

Next Channel Media is a San Diego WordPress design company, focusing on WordPress development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), business strategy, marketing/branding and boosting your web presence.  Our team builds most of your project and collaborates with trusted partners for special requirement, if needed.  This allows for a hands on approach to your business needs. Try getting that with an “agency” and pay 4-times the cost. More About Us HERE

WordPress Business Websites – We Design and Build

build-website-toolsYour website should be customer friendly, fast, easy to navigate and have a clear purpose based on your target market (info, sales, portfolio, etc).  If it takes more than 2 seconds for a customer to find what they need, you risk losing their interest. We can help build a website that meets these needs.

We create websites based on the WordPress platform.  What’s WordPress and what does it mean to you?  It is the number one open source website and blogging platform online. After your site is setup and running, much of the site can be edited by you, self managed.  This saves you time and money, making minor updates easy.  Since we only use WordPress for our web design. You site is setup fast, leaving us more time to fine tune your message.

If your website needs go beyond the limits of WordPress and our capabilities , we will recommend another San Diego web design firm.  This works out best, keeping us moving fast with medium and small business projects.  Call, to discuss your project and answer questions.

Website and Social Strategy

Before you can design or upgrade your website, we need to understand your goals and customer base.  Research is needed to focus your new website around where your clients are and how they search for you. Once we know this critical information, we can start building a site around your businesses specific needs. Doing a Mini SWOT analysis is great to start things off (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).  If you are in San Diego or Los Angeles, we love meeting in person to kick off a project, but Skype and other tools are fine options.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google My Business Setup

Wordpress is fantastic for SEO right out of the box and search engines like Google love it.  This is because the file structure is clean, allowing for search engines to look (crawl) your site with ease.  There are several critical modification we do to your website, to enhance the standard WordPress settings, and improve organic rank (non-paid).

PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click)

We can help you do keyword research, and setup a paid advertising strategy. Targeting the right market with maximum return on your investment is critical. Once your program is setup, the management can be done with your staff or left up to us. We will do normal reviews, to maintain that marketing engagement is steady and your goals are being achieved.

Social Media Presence & Setup

Each business is unique, and may require several or just one social media site.  Do you need Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google My Business, Yelp, LinkedIn, Pintrest, and Meetup?  We can advise which networks fit your needs and help set these up for you.  Just because they are free does not mean you should use them all. Each site takes a weekly commitment of time, to interact with customers and manage.  Your time is not Free, so be smart and let us focus your energy on the networks where your customers live.

Logo Design, Brand Consulting & Creation

We can help create a logo or re-brand your website, create business cards, new business logos and refresh your image.

Website Packages

Check our website package below and note that all of the options you see are also offered A La Carte. Call for information.

Design Process Overview 

1. Strategy
Market research, understand customer, plan, timeline
2. Design Website
Design website, plan layout, build, test, customer review
3. SEO & Mobile
Use best SEO practices during build, mobile responsive site*
4. Social Media
Create Social Media profiles, integrate with website and release your new baby to the world

Questions about a New Website or Upgrade?

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    Looking For WordPress Website Packages?

    Picking the right WordPress website package can be tricky. WordPress Explained HERE, and how we operate. If you need help just Call 619-758-3847 to discuss your business specific needs. Website packages are here to give you an idea of pricing. Custom options are available for any package offered.

    Starter Website


    • 4 Pages
    • Concentrated informational site
    • Easily manage your blog and website content after delivery

    Promote your company with a clean website and get found on Google.


    Best Value Business Website

    $ Call

    • Great design, all the information your customers need.
    • Search Engine Optimized (SEO), core pages
    • Custom graphics, business and brand consulting as needed
    • GoogleMy Business and Business Verify setup (Google, Bing and Yahoo)

    The priority features your company needs, solid SEO built in, at an affordable price point.


    Full Package


    • In-depth strategy sessions, to review marketing, logo, brand,  and social media presence
    • Google My Business Page Setup
    • Custom website, with every page getting hand crafted SEO treatment
    • Online store, E-commerce setup for those of you selling product (50 Products via upload)
    • Business cards (500)
    • Company E-mail setup, based on Google Apps
    • Setup of targeted Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google My Business)

    Online store, credit card processing. beautiful site, search engine ready, social features linked and brand consulting.


    Compare Website Packages*

    “General Admission”

    Best Value +
    “Front Row Tickets”

    All Access
    “Back Stage VIP Access”

    Call Us Call Us Call Us
    Domain Name & Hosting Setup
    WordPress Website & Blog
    Strategy Session
    Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Automated Sitemap Creation/Submission
    Advanced SEO
    Mobile Ready Website
    Google Analytics Setup & Integration
    Google My Biz Setup and Verify
    Crafting SEO Friendly Business Description, Titles, Images
    New or Refined Logo
    Printed Business Cards
    E-commerce Store with up to 50 Items
    E-mail @ Setup

    * These are the basics, all packages are able to be customized to your needs.

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