About Us

B2B Lead Gen, Digital Strategy

Driving more clients and conversions to your website is our priority. Next Channel Media is a San Diego based WordPress web design company. We sit down with you, consult, advise and build.

We have a collective of designers and programmers that work as team.

Our focus is on B2B Leads, WordPress development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), business strategy, marketing/branding and improving your web presence to boost sales conversions. For more information about our services, see our Web Services Page HERE.

Kurtis Waddell – Project Lead – San Diego, CA

My passion is digital lead gen and business development, because you can see the results of your effort within months not years. With each unique project I am always learning which is exciting.

Kurtis W Head Shot

  • SDSU Communication & Marketing Grad 2005
  • Over 15 years setting up and managing websites
  • Inbound Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing MacGyver

Today I use every current tool avaliable. During the mid 90’s I started building web pages during a High School internship, uploading video and content.  Uploading video online was “progressive” in 1996 and about a decade before YouTube existed.

During college I started SDCollegeBooks, the first local textbook exchange in California. This allowing students to list and trade college books directly, cutting the middle man out (SDSU Article  Union Tribune Article).  This business allowed me to conceptualize, create, market and manage a website from scratch.

At the same time I created Simple Laptops and sold off-lease corporate laptops, B2C and B2B, to pay college expenses.

After college, I went to corporate America, starting at a 47 billion dollar behemoth, United Technologies. Aerospace Supply Chain taught me the principals of efficiency, continuous improvement, customer service and metric management. All of which applies to daily digital marketing.

This was valuable experience from an industry-leading corporation. The 09 resession hit and I circled back to web technology, internet marketing and business development.  Next Channel Media created and ran several websites, with a staff of 5 people from 2008 to 2016.

Next Channel Medias focus is lead generation (Organic & PPC) using lessons learned over the last 15 yrs to build your business.

Zackery West – PPC and Copy Specialist, Oakland, CA

After graduating from UC Berkeley Zack went into tech, building websites, marketing and pay per click consulting. When Next Channel Media gets a bit overwhelmed with clients, Zack snaps into action. He also works with Flash Point Labs in Oakland.